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Poker Laughlin provides tournament schedules and poker room information for visitors to Laughlin, Nevada.

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The poker community in Laughlin is so underrated primarily because it is so unknown. I felt like I stumbled into a secret when I visited the first time. Then, I returned over and over again in the following weeks with continuing visits to this day. The tournaments are surprisingly full and in most cases on weekends they are sold out and take alternates. The cash games are juicy ranging from tourists to the occasional solid rock. However, looking around a room, it is easy to tell who should have a name tag hanging from the back of their chair (those are the opponents to avoid!).

Make the 40 minutes drive from Sin City to Laughlin, you will not be disappointed. Laughlin is situated directly on the river with an abundance of views from every hotel on the strip. We hope to provide you with the most up to date information on the Laughlin Poker Community.

Tournament Information:

Right now you can find a full list of poker tournament times by clicking on the “Full Tournament Info” link on the left hand side column under Main Menu. This will give you a Monday – Sunday list of the casinos and game times.

For individual casinos just click on any casino on the map attached below here and you will find the individual Casinos information and a brief description, etc.  The same information can be found on the left side column “Laughlin Casinos” where you can see the list of Laughlin Casinos.